Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Southerners Come North For The Winter

Turns out BD is just as awesome of a place to visit in the winter as it is in the summer.

The GAF (Great American Family) from Danville visited this past weekend.

And although I still believe they are the GAF, I am disappointed to report they upgraded from dial-up to high-speed Internet. They, however, still don't have cable and still have the console TV (the kind in a wooden box circa 1980), so that keeps me from stripping their title of GAF.

We had a fair share of inside time by the fire playing board games. BREAKING NEWS ... Deal did NOT win in Scrabble. Not sure how it happened, but I won and he placed in third behind the 13-year-old. On a side note, it is now the mission of many people to show Deal that winning is not everything. Our other friends introduced a new board game to us where everyone works together and wins together.

Even though the air has turned arctic, we still ventured outside for a hike.  

In any case, it was a quick, last-minute visit, but it was great to reconnect with our roots in Danville.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Godfather (and Godmother) Part III

We have been called again. And we accepted the chosen path again.

Julie/SILMeow and Russ/Napolean Dynamite asked us to be the godparents of lil E! We are thrilled and honored! Just so y'all know, we have put our godparent status on ebay. In case you're looking ... 

Deal went to Chi-town for a few days to help with his new godson while E's Papa was away for business. He upheld his name, "the baby whisperer."

Meanwhile, I stayed behind and held down the BD fort. It may have felt a little like "The Shining" ...

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Insanity is Insane

I mentioned that Deal & I are doing the Insanity (NOW) workout to get in shape for Mount Rainier.

We are only on day 12 and I cannot believe we have 48 more days of this insanity.

But we are feeling good about our progress and I definitely think we can make it to base camp (10,000 feet).

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ringing in 2013

Our kindred spirits visited us. Yes, we have our very own kindred spirits, another couple who spends as much time outdoors and reuses foil & saran wrap just like we do. Unfortunately, they live all the way up in NH, so we don't see each other very often. 

Any visit with Paul/Second Nature and Kristen/Gr8ful means we are hitting our max cardio output and there was no exception this time around. They brought Insanity NOW (FYI, the very popular workout program may be called "Insanity" by the general public, but we decided to rename it Insanity NOW, so take note of this change in name for referencing on this blog). Anyway, Second Nature and Gr8ful told us in advance they planned to whip us in good shape to conquer Rainier and Insanity NOW should do just that! 
Their visit wasn't all work and NO play though.

They brought their snow from New Hampshire, so it made for perfectly cozy days/nights in our castle in the woods. Food was prepped by Team Steadee and Gr8ful, while Team Second Nature and Deal stoked the fire. If you've eaten my pizzas and enjoyed them, you can thank Gr8ful. She was my teacher back in 2009!! Over the week, a number of board games were played and won by Deal. Some things in life are just not fair and this is one of them. We even whipped out some new games that Deal never played and he STILL won. 

We made it over to Harper's Ferry where Second Nature got to dust off the thru hiker books from 1998 at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and see his photo of when he hiked thru. 

We hosted a little get-together for New Year's with some other friends and shared fondue, because there's no better thing to do when there are colds going around and germs to be exchanged. Also, at the stroke of midnight, we planned to sip on champagne. It wasn't until 30 seconds before midnight we realized we were sipping on champagne de cognac. Big difference.

On New Year's Day, we shared a southern folklore tradition with Fire Marshall's family and ate black-eyed beans for prosperity, greens for money and pork for positive motion in 2013. I made sure to eat every last bit on my plate. 
2013 made a good start with my college roommate giving birth to her baby boy just shy of 2 hours into the New Year. Turns out he was the first baby born in Delaware County!!!